Why Diet Pills Usually Don’t Work

Most of us always believe in the quote “Health is Wealth”, that is why human always seek for a healthy body and no one ever wanted to be sick. Somehow, others are also conscious not just on their health but also on their body figures. They always want to look sexy and fit in everybody’s eyes. However, if our metabolism does not work properly, it may be difficult for us to lose weight or maintain a slim body. Many would consider having a proper diet and regular exercises but most of the people who are busy and want a faster reaction, they would try taking diet pills.

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On the other hand, according to studies that there were recently detected in the widely sold weight-loss supplements that have a risk and it can lead to elevated blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. The study added that the word “natural” used in the pills are not guaranteed as safety even though one-third of the supplement users in the survey believe that they are safer than the prescription medication.

According to the site that tackles health, these pills can cause to suppress the appetite of someone. They activate certain hormones, a substance can kick-start the body’s sympathetic response system. When you take the pills, it will cause your appetite to disappear. This is useful in controlling the amount of your food intake, however, it is already horrible if it is done every day. You can suffer from insomnia, jitteriness and hypertension.

If you are going to take these pills regularly, your body’s need for the homeostasis will emphasize itself and the neurotransmitters will be ignored by the body. In this way, you will damage the ability of the brain to regulate stress and the state where your body creates new tissue and fight diseases. In addition, the side effect of a pill is that it will also block the absorption of food. Instead of the normal digestion, 2/3rds of the fats enter your stomach and 1/3rd should be intended to the processing of fats. But when you are using some pills, the body flushes them through a digestive tract that results in uncontrollable oily diarrhea for over 90% of the users.

It turns to be that the supplement we believe that can help us to lose weight has a side effect even though it says it is natural, is not the best pill at all. The proof is the additional suggestion of some diet pills that “take the pill together with regular exercise and proper diet”. Indeed, if we really care for our body then we must be responsible for ourselves. We should not depend on the faster treatment, instead, apply the proper diet and good exercise to make sure that you are safe and away from sickness.